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Born: August 2, 1924, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Country: USA
Died: Culver City, California, USA, June 21, 2001
Occupation: Actor

All in the Family was intellectual it was art.
- Carroll O'Connor

Both my brothers became physicians and I, of course, wandered into a business where the undisciplined are welcome.
- Carroll O'Connor

Even a true artist does not always produce art.
- Carroll O'Connor

Half the pictures directed by men of reputation fail.
- Carroll O'Connor

I enjoyed in every way my 12 years of playing Archie, and I wasn't personally sad about finishing a long job.
- Carroll O'Connor

I have heard show business characterized as a refuge for childlike persons in flight from all things harsh and real.
- Carroll O'Connor

I've run into some S.O.B. directors, but I gave them back as good as I got.
- Carroll O'Connor

In a capitalist society, persons who create capital, like Michael Eisner, are given the staggering rewards.
- Carroll O'Connor

One irreducible residual of 38 years in the business is the number of lasting, loving friendships I have made.
- Carroll O'Connor

Sheer flattery got me into the theater. Flattery always works with me, particularly the flattery of women.
- Carroll O'Connor

Some people thought we were presenting Archie as a false character. President Nixon thought we were making a fool out of a good man.
- Carroll O'Connor

Vulgar and obscene, the papers run rumors daily about people in show business, tales of wicked ways and witless affairs.
- Carroll O'Connor

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