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Born: July 11, 1990, Odense, Denmark
Birth Country: Denmark
Occupation: Tennis player

I have a very close relationship with my parents.
- Caroline Wozniacki

I have nothing to lose and think that it's a positive thing that I am young and playing on a good level.
- Caroline Wozniacki

I'd like to do a lot of things - whether in design or architecture or business.
- Caroline Wozniacki

It's very expensive to be a professional tennis player with all the travel and the flights and the hotels and everything.
- Caroline Wozniacki

My dad has always been my coach. And I've spent so much time with him. So he's one of my best friends. And I can talk to him about everything.
- Caroline Wozniacki

My mom was always the support. I can always go out to her and she'll always find the positive in things.
- Caroline Wozniacki

One day my dad would say, 'OK, if you want to play tennis I can help you out.' And that's how it started. And I had a goal. I wanted to beat my mom first. And my parents and my brother. And that was the ultimate goal.
- Caroline Wozniacki

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