My Chrome Developer Account has been suspended by Google after having been falsly accused of having malicious code.

I did not nor would I ever put malicious code in any code. My extensions were developed primarily for my own use and shared with the open community.

Unfortunately, CISCO's Duo Security mistakenly tagged my extensions, using their automated tool, as having code that some use for malicious activity. Partnering with Google, they took down thousands of extensions. Some of those extensions were likely malicious. Many, like mine, were not. My extensions and account was taken down without any warning. No email, no call. Nothing.

My appeals have been on going, but so far ignored by Google. No explaination given. My extensions began to be uninstalled last week (03/07/2020). I had over 8,000 users of different controls. I know they were being used for daily work and enjoyment. I am sorry they are gone. I HIGHLY discourage other developers from investing their time in Google Chrome extensions. They can and will wipe out your work without warning and without a care. Think long and hard before developing code for the Google stores.

Here is the CISCO site that partnering with Google, maliciously brought down my developer account. - Duo Security is now a part of Cisco

Updated Features for Binger Pinger

Binger Pinger
Thank you for Installing and trying our Bing Slide Show!

Updated Features for Binger Pinger

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What does it do?

What does product do?

Bing Slide Show - Image, Web Search, Shopping, News, Videos, Popular News

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Binger Pinger

Thank you for Installing and trying our Bing Slide Show.

It'll blow your mind.

release 2.0.2

  • Fixed problem with more than one Binger being opened during Chrome Session
  • Fixed display problem when going to Bing
  • Fixed bug in changing list dialog.
  • Added hyperlinks to page display of list
  • Improved look
  • removed number incrementor to add to lists that don''t get to minimum

release 1.0.0
  • collected Bing news and ran through each news item
  • simple default list that could be navigated

Opened Binger Dialog

Oh yeah, it's that good.
See for yourself.

Binger Pinger was orginally Bing Pinger Binger. Crazy name. I shortened it to Binger Pinger, and stopped promoting it as a way to collect Bing points. It is much more. Binger Pinger is fun to watch. You can set up any list and time period, then sit back and watch the slide show. It will go through your choice of web search, images, news, shoping. You can also binger the current poplular news links. It is fun.

Create and save your own lists, use pre-filed list like birds, flowers, history, and modify any lists.

Pause and resume list display during the show. Play list in order or randomize it. Lists are shown in a box on the page. Clicking on links will bring up that search and pause the show.

Rate us on the app stores and leave feature suggestions.

Have Fun!

Edit and Add Lists

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