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Born: 1970-02-08, Chesapeake, Virginia
Birth Country: USA

I feel like in America, we don't have a kid problem. You think about all these issues that these kids are dealing with, we have an adult problem. We have adults that do not place the priority on our kids to get a valuable education.
- Alonzo Mourning

I had to develop the mentality and stay positive about making my comeback.
- Alonzo Mourning

I have an incredible amount of basketball knowledge, and I think a lot of that is derived from having a Hall of Fame college basketball coach who was very knowledgeable of the game and I had a great high school coach who was also very knowledgeable.
- Alonzo Mourning

My health is the No. 1 concern and my longevity is the No. 1 concern.
- Alonzo Mourning

There's nobody else on the face of this earth that's playing a sport at a highest level... with a transplant. That alone continues to inspire me, because I realize throughout the whole world the struggles that people are going through. I need to inspire them the best way I can.
- Alonzo Mourning

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