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Born: August 24, 1948, Bulawayo, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
Birth Country: Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
Occupation: Author

But you cannot expect every writer to dwell on human suffering. I think my books do deal with grave issues. People who say they are too positive probably haven't read them.
- Alexander McCall Smith

I think people in Botswana are pleased that my books paint a positive picture of their lives and portray the country as being very special. They've made a great success of their country, and the people are fed up with the constant reporting of only the problems and poverty of the continent. They welcome something which puts the positive side.
- Alexander McCall Smith

I've also long since realized that the way to really engage children is to give out prizes it's amazing how it concentrates their minds.
- Alexander McCall Smith

It seems to me that we're in danger of losing sight of certain basic civic values in society by allowing the growth of a whole generation of people who really have no sense of attachment to society.
- Alexander McCall Smith

It's through the small things that we develop our moral imagination, so that we can understand the sufferings of others.
- Alexander McCall Smith

Manners are the basic building blocks of civil society.
- Alexander McCall Smith

My Botswana books are positive, and I've never really sought to deny that. They are positive. They present a very positive picture of the country. And I think that that is perfectly defensible given that there is so much written about Africa which is entirely negative.
- Alexander McCall Smith

My wife Elizabeth and I started The Really Terrible Orchestra for people like us who are pretty hopeless musicians who would like to play in an orchestra. It has been a great success. We give performances we've become the most famous bad orchestra in the world.
- Alexander McCall Smith

Oh I love gadgets and I pride myself on keeping at the cutting edge of technology.
- Alexander McCall Smith

One of the most destructive things that's happening in modern society is that we are losing our sense of the bonds that bind people together - which can lead to nightmares of social collapse.
- Alexander McCall Smith

Writers obviously have to bear witness to the harsh face of the age.
- Alexander McCall Smith

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