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Born: February 24, 1955, Lorette, nr. Saint-Chamond, Loire, France
Birth Country: France
Occupation: race car driver

I don't like to go over curbs, because I don't want to be hard on the car.
- Alain Prost

I have always had this mentality because I hated to break anything on the car.
- Alain Prost

I have no problem with the people who work hard to get success. But I think people are very jealous about success. I work very hard and they don't appreciate that.
- Alain Prost

It's not too good to have this attitude in F1. It could be a disadvantage.
- Alain Prost

One of my biggest problems this season was with the clutch at the start of the race. I hate to risk the car.
- Alain Prost

People don't understand that it was maybe my biggest pleasure to drive an F1 car when it's wet.
- Alain Prost

The people who criticise you will not be the ones taking care of your legs when you are in your wheelchair. People who never drove a car in these conditions, they just don't know.
- Alain Prost

You were not in control You had no visibility: maybe there was a car in front of you, maybe not.
- Alain Prost

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